How to avoid a car accident

Let’s face it, a car accident is the last thing we want to be involved in, though try as we might, it’s just not something that’s within our control. So, what can we actually do to save ourselves from the predicament of a motor accident?

We are made aware of many facts and figures relating to how people get into car accidents, as a means of avoiding it for ourselves. Insurance companies masterfully work with data surrounding motorists as well vehicles, to calculate premiums and pay-outs.

But unfortunately, this is not enough to protect us from a collision. It’s necessary to account for everything and everyone around us as a means of staying safe. So, we’ve had a think of the safety essentials and how to not be involved in a car accident.

Strategies To Prevent A Car Accident

Stop, look and listen

No, no, the Green Cross Code is not just a thing for pedestrians, it applies to motorists, too (although please don’t stop)! Slow down if you are on a winding road or bend, check your mirrors and be cautious if you are somewhere unfamiliar. What can you see happening around you? Could it be an accident waiting to happen?

Children. They definitely do not look

Whilst we can reasonably expect adults to be aware of the dangers if they are not careful on our roads, children are less savvy to this. So, if you are driving in an area where children are likely to be (close to a school for example) or around the time they are on their way to/ from school, anticipate the possibility of a child running into the street.

Don’t forget to indicate

Let’s be honest, indicating is a fundamental rule. We’ve all been in a situation, ready to cross the road and all of a sudden, a car or cyclist comes towards us (indicating applies to them too). Definitely a car crash waiting to happen. Paying close attention to your surroundings is one thing, but the things and people around you are a totally different ball game, and can be equally as dangerous.

You know what they say about assuming…

We cannot know what another motorist or pedestrians are going to do. We’ve seen it so many times, not only when it comes to collisions, but in life generally. All you can really do is be responsible for your actions and aware of your surroundings, while respecting the highway code and changes that come into force.

Should the unavoidable happen and you do find yourself in a car accident, give Pearl Assistance a call on 020 7993 2577. We are here to assist you, providing a range of services from car replacement, minicab or taxi vehicles, anywhere in the country.

Stay safe!

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