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We know this is not something you want to think about, but being prepared for incidents that occur while you are on the road can be hugely important should the time come. Having the know-how to get yourself or you and your passenger(s) out of a jam could be potentially life-saving, timesaving and money-saving.


Whether you think you need it or not, however major or minor the accident, with a basic guide you could avoid additional unwanted delay and added expense further down the line.


  • First Things First

Stop the car and turn off the engine; of course, this point is obvious but it is also a law in on-road accident situations.


– Hazard lights go on

– Try to stay calm

– Check that you, your passenger(s) and the third party (if there is one) has not been injured. If anyone is injured call 999 and stay put.

– If it is possible to move your car away from oncoming traffic, do so. Ensuring that all other parties understand that you are not simply driving away.


  • Items That Must be Noted

Exchanging information including third party and any witnesses is a crucial and often forgotten area. DO NOT FORGET TO RECORD:

– Date and Time

– Name, Address and Phone Number

– Insurance Details

– Vehicle registration number, car model, make and colour

– The extent of damage details


Take Photos of the damage, positioning and any other features of the location that may be of help to your insurance claim.

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  • Whom Should I Alert?

If there is a reason to call the emergency services, that call should be made first. If there were injured parties or a reason to alert the police this would be the time. Additionally, you should contact your insurance providers to let them know the situation.


  • Who’s At Fault?

This is where having other parties information becomes incredibly useful. The photos and witnesses can be very helpful here if there are discrepancies over who’s to blame.


  • Damages and Repairs

Your car may be unsafe to drive after the accident, do not worry. At Pearl Assistanceour quick response recovery service means you and your vehicle will not be stranded for long. We will take your car to where it needs to be and ensure you can get the vehicle repaired with one of our quality assured repair services.


  • Making a Claim

Pearl Assistance has experience helping our clients with obtaining their claims promptly. Let us help by taking off your place.


  • Getting Back on the Road

If your vehicle is written off or out for repairs, we can happily provide you with a like for like service to get you back on the road again. For many of our clients, their vehicle is their bread and butter and without it, earnings will be lost. We understand how important it is to get back to work so we can ensure you are still earning while your vehicle is being fixed.


You may think you will know exactly what to do if you are involved in an incident but truthfully, when you are faced with a reality like a car accident, inevitably irrational thought may escape you while panic sets in and gaining a clear head might feel impossible. With our handy hints, guidance and reassurance we know you will be well equipped to deal with the issue and feel safe in the knowledge that you reacted in the right and safest manner.


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