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Gratefully you have not been injured but if you have been involved in a car accident that has left your vehicle severely damaged and unable to drive for the foreseeable future it can be hugely frustrating and inconvenient, but imagine if you also had loss of earnings as a result…

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At Pearl Assistance our message is clear – if you are a professional driver and have been in an accident that means you can no longer make a living, our like-for-like service might be just what you need.


In essence this service is for drivers who make their livelihood from being behind the wheel, e.g. cab drivers, chauffeur drives or delivery vehicles. Our replacement service gives you the chance to get back on the road while your vehicle is being repaired.


We understand how time-consuming and disheartening going through claims procedures can be so we are here to help with the paperwork too.


Our management service team at Pearl Assistance can guide you through the procedures to ensure the claims and repairs process is as quick and satisfactory as possible.


Your temporary vehicle replacement will serve as a reliable and suitable stopgap while your car is being fixed and the process of dealing with the faulty party and insurance companies are resolved.


Contact us today and we can tell you how you can get back o the road ASAP!


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