We are a Law firm dealing with RTA and Personal Injury matters. We occupy a prominent location at a busy junction and get lots of passing trade. Many of our clients are minicab drivers, who require a replacement vehicle. We recommend Pearl Assistance as we know we can rely on their service levels and they always deliver what they promise. As a law firm, we are very selective who we work with as we do not want a supplier to provide poor service which will reflect badly on us. Pearl Assistance also help us with clients who require standard vehicles for Social and Domestic use.

North London

I have been unfortunate enough to have had 3 non fault accidents in the last 5 years. I was initially referred to Pearl Assistance by a friend, and they were so professional, I have used them every single time since. One on occasion my vehicle was a write-off and they ensured I got the fairest possible value for my car. They also allowed me to continue hiring whilst I was awaiting an appointment to licence my new car I purchased after the insurance send me the money for the write off. Once my vehicle was licenced as a PHV by TfL, they collected their hire car and I did not lose any days of work. Outstanding customer service.

Minicab Driver
Romford, Essex

My father started this business over 40 years ago and I have followed in his footsteps and am now the Managing Director. We are the oldest accident repairer in the area and can have 30+ cars in repair at any one time. We love working with Pearl Assistance, as they can provide replacement vehicles quicker than any other company we have tried previously. They can also offer us storage facilities, as we never have enough space to hold vehicles whilst they are awaiting authorisation for repair. It’s a simple and hassle free process for both me and my customers.

Accident Repairer
Clapham, London

I have been a self-employed chauffeur driver for 20 years dealing with ultra-high end clients. My reputation relies on me being able to be there for my clients, on time and every time. I was involved in a non-fault accident and had a VIP client from Russia landing that afternoon at Heathrow. They had booked me specifically for their 3 week stay because of my highly spec’d long wheel base vehicle so I desperately needed a like-for-like vehicle. I called Pearl Assistance immediately from the scene of the accident and mentioned the time pressure of needing to be at Heathrow for 3pm. One call and they arranged everything, from recovering my car at the scene of the crash through to liaising with TFL regarding my PCO Suspension and carrying our repairs at the main dealer. I cannot recommend Pearl Assistance highly enough!

Mr Chauffeur Driver
Hayes, London

I run a large cab office with around 300 drivers working at any one time, servicing the East London and Essex areas. When a driver is involved in an accident they need to be back into a licensed car and on the circuit as soon as possible, to ensure we can fulfil the jobs and contracts we hold and maintain our service levels. I have been working with Pearl Assistance for over 5 years and they have never let me down!

Mr Private Hire Operator
Hackney, London

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