What to Do If I Have A Car Accident

It can be incredibly upsetting and scary if you happen to find yourself in a road traffic accident.

Understandably you could well be in shock and feeling as though you don’t know what to do next.

We at Pearl Assistance are on hand to help, our immensely competent and highly experienced recovery team knows that this can be an emotional and difficult occurrence for you.

Their speedy response time and impeccable professionalism give our clients the reassurance they need.

First off and most importantly is that you are safe and uninjured from the incident, though after that it can be hard to ascertain what to do next.

Here are our tips to help you deal with your accident:

What to Do If I Have A Car Accident - Pearl Assistance

Stop the car somewhere safe (if you can)

Ensure you, your passengers or anyone else involved is not injured. In most cases, these situations are, thankfully minor incidents.

If the car accident is, indeed minor make a note of any details that might be useful, registration number, contact details, time and location, etc., plus take pictures if you think this could be of use; this could be invaluable later, once you are out of your shock and information needs to be exchanged.

Hazards on and stay safe

 Keep out of the way of oncoming traffic and away from further potential collisions.

Remain Calm

 Breathe deeply and try to keep your cool.

Call Pearl Assistance

Our quick and reliable methods are available to get you out of this predicament.


With replacement cars and taxis as part of our service, 24-­‐hour recovery and secure storage for all off-road cars; we provide a complete end-­‐to-­‐end solution, so consider us your one-­‐ stop-­‐shop.

We are driven; excuse the pun, to getting to you as quickly as possible. Our aim is to safely get you back on the road efficiently and with minimal delays.

If, however, your vehicle cannot be used as a result of this fender bender we want to help by providing you with an alternative vehicle until such time that yours can be reinstated.

We understand that many of our customers use their car for their livelihood, we are happy to offer replacement taxis to keep you out and about earning while you wait for your own car to be repaired.

For us, effective and supportive customer service is our priority.

These situations can be frustrating, so we want to be available to you to make matters as easy as possible.

Trust us, if you ever find yourselves in a situation like this, you will feel better knowing our team can take your call at any time.

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