Top Tips for PCO Drivers

At Pearl Assistance we have dealt with plenty of PCO drivers over the years, helping them get back on the road following non-fault accidents. In that time we have heard our fair share of tips on how to make the most of a driving job. Being a successful PCO driver takes more than just a car and a driving license. You need to face fierce competition, you must follow loads of rules and regulations, and you need to boost your ratings to ensure you get bookings. 

 Here are some of the things we have learned about succeeding as a PCO driver

1.Defensive Driving Is A Must

Defensive driving skills are a must for PCO drivers. This will help you avoid risks and hazards, reducing the likelihood you will be involved in an accident. Driving defensively isn’t hard, it is all the things you should already know from your driving test! Driving steadily, leaving plenty of space between cars, signally promptly and clearly, avoiding distractions and being mindful of weather conditions.

2.Think About Peak Times

Whatever area you drive in, there will be peaks and troughs when it comes to demand. You might find airport areas are busier in the early hours when public transport is unavailable, or late at night in areas where there is good nightlife. Clocking on and off at peak times can help you make the most income. 

3.Keep Smiling

Good customer service is crucial to being a successful PCO driver. You could be the best driver, or have the best car, but you won’t succeed if you don’t gel well with your clients. A bright smile is the quickest way to earn a 5-star rating. A little friendliness goes a long way… it can even help you get better tips!

4.Know What To Do In An Accident

Should you ever be involved in a PCO accident, it is really helpful to be prepared. Read up on what to do if you are involved in an at-fault or non-fault accident, so you can proceed in the best possible way for yourself, the third party, and a client (should you have one in the car.

If you have been involved in a non-fault PCO accident, just get in touch with our PCO replacement team who will help you get back on the road.

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