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As taxi operators, your customers rely on your ability to provide transport 365 days per year, according to your agreement and schedules. But what happens if a car gets damaged on a Sunday night, just three hours before you have to pick up a client at 5am for an airport transfer, when all other vehicles are booked? In emergencies such as this, you can call a taxi replacement service for a plated replacement at short notice. Accidents do happen, and when they do, a taxi replacement can always help prevent a disaster for your company and clients.

A taxi replacement can be delivered to you within four hours, but a taxi replacement service goes beyond offering a replacement vehicle. They will also arrange the necessary taxi repairs and even help out with injury claims and legal assistance.

Immediate accident management services

So, what happens at 1 am when the car breaks down after a road accident? Instead of calling the insurance company and reaching a call centre, a taxi replacement service offers an alternative. Instead of claiming on your taxi insurance, the taxi replacement company can handle everything.

When you call the taxi replacement company, a specialist advisor answers your call, offering all the personal service and assistance you need from start to finish. As a result, your insurance should not increase, and we keep all costs to an absolute minimum.

A taxi replacement company may also deal with other types of vehicles and accidents, such as vans, motorbikes, and trucks. In order to offer these services, they partner with reliable and reputable companies, covering repairs, legal assistance, and insurance expertise.

Keeping your business on track

We all know that accidents can put a halt to business and damage reputations and cash flows, especially since one delay tends to lead to another. And another. For this reason, a taxi replacement service can be a true life-saver when you get in a pinch. Lost earnings and injury compensation is resolved by the legal team, which specialises in motor claims related issues. It’s always wise to have some experts on your side.

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