Car Accident Claim Solicitors

Pearl Assistance, we want to keep you on the road, safely and swiftly. We understand that your vehicle can be your main source of income or indeed just a huge inconvenience to your day to day life if you happen to find yourself without.

Car Accident Claim Solicitors

Car Accident Claim

We are proud to offer replacement cars and taxis should our skilled roadside team not able to get you and your car back on the road straight away.

The legal elements of a car accident can be timely and costly, and you may be entitled to claim compensation from your accident, particularly if you cannot work as a result or have been injured.

PCO claims are an area that might be worth exploring if you and your taxi have been in an accident and you are losing out on income

This specialist insurance benefit means even if it takes a while, you shouldn’t lose out on earnings while your taxi is replaced, or you are back to full health.

Using a claim solicitor can help with this. All you need to do is provide them with the details of the accident and let them do the rest,


Accidents are already stressful and overwhelming enough, let us at least take some of the pressure of my providing you with active solutions to get you on the way as soon as you can.

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