5 Tips for Making More Money as a PCO Driver

Being a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) or PCO (Public Carriage Office) driver in London is an appealing job for many. Some drivers do this full-time, while others log on in the evening to top up their day job wages.

Whatever situation you’re in, you’ll probably benefit from reading this article…

Tip 1: Choose Your Working Hours Carefully

Timing is everything in the PCO-driving business.

Peak times, like early mornings, late evenings and weekends when demand will soar. This means surcharges will increase so your rides will be worth more. Working during these hours is essential if you want to make more bang for your buck.

You might also want to keep an eye on local events such as festivals, concerts and sporting matches, as there will be increased demand at these times too.

Tip 2: Look After Your Vehicle

We all know that first impressions are everything, so you need to look after your vehicle. Not only does this make the right impression on your customers but it also ensures fewer breakdowns and less downtime. 

Make sure your work car is regularly serviced, and your MOT is up to date, and also periodically check your tyre pressures, oil and brakes. And regularly clean the interior and exterior too!

Tip 3: Use Technology

Ride-sharing apps like Uber, Bolt and Ola will increase your visibility to customers. These platforms also offer incentives and bonuses for drivers depending on things like:

  • How many trips did they complete
  • What hours do they work in
  • Their customer feedback reviews

You should familiarise yourself with several apps so you can maximise your earnings. You should also use navigation apps (like Waze) to find the fastest routes and avoid traffic.

Tip 4: Focus On Customer Service

A satisfied customer is more likely to tip and leave a 5* review. Simple things, like offering bottled water, keeping your car clean, having a USB charger or letting passengers request their own music can enhance the passenger experience.

Drivers who are more willing to go the extra mile are more likely to get tips, positive feedback and potentially higher fares.

Tip 5: Manage Your Finances 

To maximise your earnings as a PCO driver, you need to manage your finances carefully. Keep track of all your expenses, including fuel, maintenance, insurance and any fees from ride-hailing apps.

You can also take advantage of tax deductions for self-employed drivers. An accountant will be able to tell you more about maximising your earnings.

Final Thoughts…

If you’re a PCO Driver and you’re involved in an accident that was not your fault, Pearl Assistance can help. We specialise in non-fault accident management for PCO drivers in London, ensuring you don’t have to pay out for something that was not your fault.

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